2017’s Resolutions

2017’s Resolutions

Rather than setting stereotypical resolutions and empty promises this year I’ve decided to instead set some realistic goals and changes for my life. Alongside these are some pretty big events coming up in 2017 and I’m very hopeful this will be a wonderful... read more

A Year in Transition

I’m pretty sure 2016 has been the most taxing, eventful, and dramatic year of my entire life. It’s also been an amazing progression when it comes to my gender transition. Here is everything I accomplished with my gender transition in 2016: Got acceptance... read more


The snow fell more heavily on our faces as we stood in unseasonably warm weather. The two of us waited patiently in the schoolyard to pick up the older kids. ¬†The 3 year old, well 4 next week, followed a group of older children around. “Lets go somewhere... read more

I Got Top Surgery!

As you probably know if you’ve been following this blog yesterday was a pretty big day for me. Yep, it was surgery day! In case you’re not sure what that means, here’s a quick rundown: Top surgery is a double mastectomy where they also masculinize... read more

Coping with NICU PTSD

I didn’t think my twins’ prematurity would affect me this strongly but I still can’t look at a picture of newborn twins without getting insanely jealous and angry. Whenever someone shares a breastfeeding photo I want to block them. Pictures of tiny... read more

10 Things I Don’t Tell You About Being Transgender

I know that I share a lot on this blog about my personal feelings, but for every thing I say openly there’s 10 things I tell no one. I am also terrible at telling specific people how I feel, preferring to instead post generalized subjects guaranteeing the target... read more

To My Husband: I Can’t Be Your Wife

On the day we got married, it will be 8 years in July, an 18 year old¬†version of me wore a gorgeous white dress and promised to be your wife. I never intended to break that promise. Somewhere, deep down, I always knew that it wasn’t my place. I never wanted to... read more

Please Don’t Call Me Mom

Being a mother was my dream ever since I was a child. I never expected myself to hate being referred as one. My biggest regret is not coming out before I had kids. Although I might have had issues with my care, being able to choose and normalize how I want my children... read more


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Kal is a parent of 5 kids aged 9, 7, 4, and 1 year old twins. When not overwhelmed by daily life he comes on here to write about his gender transition, social opinions, and whatever else needs to be said.

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