It’s really quite amazing how tiny preemies can still grow up in the blink of an eye. Smiles have replaced the near constant crying (on good days) and bibs are soaked from teething, not reflux. We’re nearly getting a full night’s sleep and we’re still combo feeding which works great for our family. Now that we’re settled a bit we have a few favourite products we use daily.

Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser

We’ve just started the switch from Doctor Brown’s to these since we had so many feeding issues. The latch is closer to the breast which will hopefully improve their breastfeeding and it is SO convenient to only have to wash the nipples. If you’ve ever washed our old bottles you’d understand. These new bottles can tilt for a better feeding angle and the measurements on the side are bold and easy to read. I had them 8 years ago with my oldest and they definitely have come a long way since then. The extra cost of the liners is worth my sanity any day.

bibsBandanna bibs

The boys still have mild reflux and spit up frequently in small amounts and they’re also starting to blow bubbles and drool more which means lots of wet shirts. We didn’t want multiple a day outfit changes but we also hated how bibs ruined the look of their cute outfits. We spotted these triangular bibs at H&M and couldn’t resist picking them up in every colour. What’s nice is not only are they simple and coordinating, they’re also smaller and lighter than our feeding bibs.

babygymBaby Gym

We have two of these absolutely adorable baby gyms from Ikea. With our kids we tend to favor simple, wooden toys and these fit the bill perfectly. Not only do the twins enjoy staring up and reaching, we also find them staring at the coloured side circles. What surprised us most was that the older kids keep playing and having fun. Their best game is putting on a puppet show for the babies using the suspended toys. Simple toys can open up a world of imaginative play.

fisher-price-ocean-wonders-soothe-and-glow-seahorse-blueSoothing Seahorse

We first picked up a Gloworn for our third child and wished we had done it with all the kids. When the twins were born we picked up the Fisher Price Seahorse and Giraffe. They play soothing music and offer both soft light and cuddles to baby. We know that two play throughs of the lullabies and the boys will (usually) be out. What’s nice is unlike using an MP3 player or white noise machine they’re very portable. If they get lost nearly every toy store sells them too.

babybBaby Brezza Formula Pro

Last but most definitely not least is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This machine is the single greatest invention ever made for bottle feeding parents. Formula goes in the top, water on the side, and with a push of a button you have mixed milk at the perfect temperature. It’s really great when you want to give baby a bit more milk than you anticipated or are, say, juggling twins. Another perk is it’s so easy grandparents, babysitters, and even older siblings can flawlessly make a body. For us though, besides the convenience, is we no longer have to worry about measuring the formula wrong. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully!