I’ve kicked off my holiday clutter diet by starting the 40 bags in 40 days challenge and at the same time have started a food diet for my body. Instead of starving myself I’m working at making sure I only eat the foods my body needs and exercising to stay healthy. Yes, I’m limited myself somewhat with calories but overall the goal is a lifestyle change, not a diet – just like with my home. By offering loose limits to choose just the stuff I love I’m creating a happier, and healthier, home environment.

Here are some ways that losing clutter has helped me lose weight:

  1. Time. I just have¬†kept myself more busy with the process of uncluttering that I haven’t had time to eat.
  2. Movement. Again, the process keeps me moving, and I know the upkeep will also keep me active as I work harder to keep my house clean.
  3. Food prep. A clutter free kitchen means that I can prepare healthy meals more easily and less likely to turn to take out and convenience foods.
  4. Routines. Now that I’m getting into better household routines I have a specific time of day to exercise and no excuse.
  5. Stress. I am definitely a stress eater and having my home less full of clutter and cleaned up puts me at ease which helps me not want to eat as much.
  6. Time. I actually have more time now that I’m not wasting it looking for things, moving around stuff, and tackling cleaning right away.
  7. Money. Getting organized has helped me to waste less food, buy less useless stuff, and reuse what I already have. I also think carefully about purchases before I make them. The extra money can now be spent on different healthy foods to stay motivated.
  8. Mood. I am just a generally happy person when I have tackled the above points which means I’m more likely to want to take care of myself. Living in a healthy environment makes me want to put a healthy person in it!

It’s amazing how all the aspects of your life are interconnected and how small, positive changes have a ripple effect on your overall well being.