The hustle and bustle of the holidays has ended and you’re probably enjoying the down time. After illness plaguing our house and then all the obligations that surround my favorite holiday of the year I finally feel like things are starting to get under control. As tempting as it is to relax the week away, I really would like to get the new year started fresh. In Japan, they ring in the new year with Osoji, an annual tradition of cleaning homes and offices to welcome the God of the New Year. Even if you don’t believe in gods, this tradition still benefits – a fresh start begins with a clean home.

If you have older kids they’re still off school this week and you might be busy doing activities – that’s ok! Just pick a couple things from the list, or focus on what your biggest priority for the new year will be. Here are some things to help get your ready for your new year’s resolutions:

  1. Get your laundry caught up. Most people I talk to are drowning in laundry, are you the same way? One of my goals for 2016 is to find a way to keep on top of this never ending pile. This week I’m taking care of the 10 loads in my back log and not only washing, actually putting away! I’m also looking at why it’s been an issue in the past and adding those ideas to my 2016 goals.
  2. Grocery shop. If you’re planning on any major dietary changes starting Jan 1st it would be a good idea now to make meal plans, get groceries, and otherwise prep for your first month. You can even start some smaller changes now to help you go through the transition process which will make it easier to stay on track early on.
  3. Get your home organization binder ready. If one of your goals in 2016 is to be more organized, a home organization binder can take away a lot of that stress. There are a lot of printable pages out there to help you stay on top of everything. Print out a mix of cleaning schedules, decluttering challenges, and personal lists.
  4. Throw away all the trash in your home. For me, keeping the house clean is very difficult and a lot of what accumulates actually amounts to garbage. If you’re anything like me you probably have a few extra bags or piles of stuff that can just make it’s way to the dump. Take this time to quickly gather up all the stuff you know is garbage and send it off to the dump or recycling depot. This will get a head start on both decluttering and make your house feel lighter and more tidy.
  5. Don’t buy stuff. Other than maybe the aforementioned groceries, stay out of the stores, off the online boutiques, and squash the shopping bug entirely. Christmas shopping puts us in the habit of spending and even if you’re not suffering from a holiday hangover you probably need to tone down your spending to stay on track with your budget. This week, don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need. It will put a few extra dollars in your pocket to start the year, and whatever budget you have set, out right. I’m carrying this through the month of January.

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