As you likely already know, I was recently published by the Huffington Post. This was something I set out to do and was really happy to accomplish, but I also have heard that it’s not exactly difficult for bloggers to get on there (although I have recently read there are more rejections than I realized). I was ready for some backlash, based on the subject matter, but there were a few things I just wasn’t prepared for.

People were nicer than I expected. 
Seriously, I really was ready for a lot of negative comments… But overall people were incredibly kind a positive. Furthermore, anytime someone said something mean there were several other replies defending me. It was really nice.

I wasn’t prepared to be talked about like I wasn’t a person.
One particular moment that stuck out to me was a friend request I got from an American pastor. I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know, but took the time to check out his profile anyway and found that my article had been shared and him and his friends had been talking about me from the whole religious aspect (as you can imagine, negatively). Aside from that, even in the comments with people both attacking and defending the words were not addressed to me, but rather, to “the blogger” or “the rest of the internet”. It was something I kind of knew would happen, but still very jarring.

People were proud of me.
I wasn’t really expecting anyone to see it as a big accomplishment but the positive reception I got from (most) of my family and friends was really encouraging. My husband in particular was extremely proud of me and thought it was a pretty prestigious accomplishment, and my dad even called me to tell me he both read my article and was proud of me. It was nice.

It outed me to family members.
I honestly had already assumed most of my family had seen something, of the many things, I’ve shared on Facebook in regards to my being transgender. Apparently not. I got a very non-PC text from my cousin talking about how “she’s sure the family will be talking about this” (don’t care) and asking some very uneducated questions. Some extended family whom we are estranged from also read it, I assume by viewing it publicly shared on my profile.

I actually helped someone.
I really wasn’t expecting my article to have any impact, but I was shocked to receive a few messages from people saying it was positive for them. One in particular was another parent in a similar situation who asked me for some advice, the exact type of person I originally had in mind when I started this blog in the first place. Putting myself out there made it all worth it to help someone else know they’re not alone.

I will probably keep submitting to Huffington Post in the future and I’m happy with the results and feedback I got from this article. It was a lot of fun since I’m otherwise not very well known and don’t get a lot of attention from this blog, and I definitely enjoyed getting my 15 minutes. Thanks to everyone who supported me!