I’m not used to getting positive attention for my work. Even on days and weeks where my pageviews were high, I rarely get a new comment or follower on the site. Being honest, I haven’t tried that hard to market myself or my blog, nor do I have anything to offer other than my story so I’m not terribly surprised. Over the past couple week’s I’ve had a back and forth with a bigger blog who was looking for LGBT specific submissions and finally heard back from them last night – a yes to my article. Not just a yes, a yes with a “please write more for us”. Those words exactly. For the first time I didn’t feel like I was begging someone to read my work – they wanted to.

Now, I’m not just happy because they offered some financial compensation, mostly because I agreed to do the piece before that. Instead, I’m being paid in the same way that Huffington Post pays their guest writers – exposure.

A lot of people have issue with exposure writing, and that’s fine, but I personally think it’s good. I do not have the sort of blog people are going to come across organically. Mommy, debt, craft, food, and so on – those places are Googleable. You look for a recipe, you find a food blog. No one goes looking for a trans guy. (Unless you have a fetish, maybe, or a specific question anyway.) Yet, I have found that once people do find me they want to stay – I’m like one of those bad reality TV shows that you can’t stop watching.

So for me, the exposure is really positive and at this point I’m happy to take on any opportunities that come my way. I have always dreamed of being a professional writer but I also know I have to start somewhere. Once people see what I have to offer then, if I’m good enough, the money will come. I can’t expect people to may me when I don’t have that impressive of a resume or great experience.

Here’s hoping for more opportunities, more exposure, and more people to share my experience with. That’s more than I could ever as for as a blogger!