Let’s take a break from the deep, personal posts to talk about something far more important – my birthday is on the 20th. Here is what I would like to get!

Top 10 gifts to get Kal for his birthday:

10. Never Have I Ever Card Game



I am in love with Cards Against Humanity and this one looks like a lot of fun too.


9. Laundry Sorter


Shush you, this is something that would really come in handy. Gifts that make my life easier make me happy.

8. Meat thermometer


I like my meat cooked very very precisely and our old one broke.

7. Cadbury Mini Eggs



It’s my birthday and I’ll binge eat if I want to!


6. Dark Souls Hoodie


dark souls hoodie

Sadly’s it’s discontinued, but I still want it. Somehow.

4. Travel Mug

travel mug

I just really need a new travel mug!

3. CAH Expansions


I really want the web pack but any would be fun to add to the base game.

2. Clothes


Nothing to link here just that… I need some new clothes for summer. Specifically, I don’t really have any shorts. Nothing fits since having the twins.

1. Fitbit Blaze


I love love love my fitbit but it betrayed me. There is apparently something that wears down in the model I have that makes me break out in an awful, allergic rash. After only a couple of days I can’t wear it and have to let the skin heal. This baby is part fitbit, part smart watch, and I oh so want it.


Note: This post contains affiliate links because I like money.