I’ve always found it entertaining, and a little bit odd, how twin parents congratulate each other for “surviving the first year” with twins. I mean, the first year with a baby is always difficult, but all the years are difficult with children!

Then I had twins.

Infant twins are nothing like a single baby. With one, I could babywear, I could easily carry their bucket seat in one arm and still handle other things, I could at least count on an eventual nap or longer stretch at night once we fell into a routine. Now, one seemed so easy.

With the twins there was always double to do. Always two diapers to change. Always two babies to feed and burp and put back to bed. Not enough hands to do all the holding that needed to be done, not enough sleep to get the rest that needed to be had, and not enough hours in the day to accomplish much of anything other than basic childcare.

Everything was difficult. Everything was different. Everything was literally twice as cumbersome as the same task with a single baby. Heck, they turned tasks that were only a bit annoying with an infant into pure hell. I didn’t sleep. I could barely eat. It was complete survival mode.

Things got better as they grew and by the time they reached their first birthday in April it was a lot easier. Once they were able to feed themselves, able to sit up, able to move around their lives became happier and so did mine. We finally started sleeping. They napped at the same time. Survival mode turned into infanthood once again.

So, twin parents, you do survive the first year. After that, it doesn’t get easier exactly – but it definitely gets more fun.

Plus they can eat cake! ↓↓↓

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