Our Costco membership expired and we were finally brave enough to renew it today. The older kidsĀ hate going to Costco, so they visited with Gramma for a bit while we went out with the twins. We only went for “3 things” which turned into a $250 trip after our card renewal. Ouch.

It’s good timing, because I’m out of my favourite Costco products – Vanilla, The Keg seasoning, giant container of taco seasoning… You get the idea. Not everything is cheaper there but we definitely appreciate the stuff you just can’t find anywhere else.

We always get the Executive Membership because with the amount of groceries we buy we ended up getting our membership paid for and then some.

All summer long (and maybe going into the fall, depending on how it goes) we’re going to be doing an “Everyday Life” series here on the blog. I’ll be posting photos and a bit about what our family is up to in our day to day. Posts may show up erratically, although I’m going to try and make this into a daily thing. Thanks for following us, and if you don’t already, make sure to follow our social media or subscribe to keep up to date.