I haven’t been able to update in the past couple of days because a) we haven’t really done anything interesting and b) I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Either way, here’s our latest family adventure.

Today we checked out our local “families of multiples” annual picnic – it was a whole lot of fun. Not only is it exciting to see so many twin families gathered in one place, but the older kids had a blast. There were two bouncing castles and a bunch of games for the kids to play. The 3 year old was not happy about losing during musical chairs though!

All summer long (and maybe going into the fall, depending on how it goes) we’re going to be doing an “Everyday Life” series here on the blog. I’ll be posting photos and a bit about what our family is up to in our day to day. Posts may show up erratically, although I’m going to try and make this into a daily thing. Thanks for following us, and if you don’t already, make sure to follow our social media or subscribe to keep up to date.