Read a Book

I was shocked when I tried reading instead of going on Facebook when my twins were infants. The hours I spent giving out bottles enabled me to get through a book in just 3 days. Sure, it was Howl’s Moving Castle (again) but still. Ever since I’ve been loading books up on my e-reader and taking it along to plug away even if I just have a few minutes.

Learn Something New

I’m working on learning Japanese but finding I need a lot of repetition to memorise the Kana. By using Japanese flashcards for just a few minutes a day I’ve been able to expand my memory and am slowly working through Hiragana, then Kanji. This is a much better use of “just 5 minutes” than Facebook!

You don’t need to learn Japanese, though. Picking up a workbook, finding an ecourse, or just brushing up on any rusty skills are a great way to pass the time. What have you always wanted to learn, but never had the time for?

Play a Video Game

Do you ever find yourself saying “I wish I had the time to play video games.” The truth is, if you have time for Facebook, then you have time for games. I highly recommend the Nintendo DS for this, although the Vita isn’t bad either. Casual games lend themselves very well to being played in just a few minute bursts, so do RPGs (as long as you’re good at remembering what’s going on). Even if it’s not something easily digestible in chunks you can just close the lid and pick up right where you left off.

Write Something

This one is huge for me – I used to always say I never had the time to write with 5 kids. Now I’m able to blog regularly and still have had time to work on personal projects like my novel. How? I’m just using the few minutes I have here and there to jot down any ideas I have. I usually keep my Chromebook in the kitchen when those times I have a moment to write.

Maybe you were once into poetry, or short stories are more your thing, hell even fanfiction! It’s all about self expression and creativity.

Do Something Relaxing

This could be such a wide range of activities but basically anything that you find calming. Knitting or crafts, adult colouring, meditation or self reflection, yoga, a few sit ups… Whatever it is that relaxes, recharges, or motivates you to have a better day. If you have 5 minutes, spend it on you!

Even just writing this article has served as a personal reminder for all the things I’m missing out on when I waste too much time on social media. I plan on making more of an effort in my life to be mindful of how I spend my time and focus on the things that really matter to me, the goals I have, and what makes me happy.

How are you going to spend your Facebook-free time?