It’s so easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time on Facebook. For many of us, it’s the only outside interaction we’ll have all day. Family and friends, who we once visited regularly for parties and holidays, now scatter the world. Facebook allows us to keep up with them. It also allows us to spy on our neighbours, make new friends, and compare our lives to others. Hours and easily be sucked away reading statuses, trolling comments, or getting lost on a photo album.

It also robs us of time we would have rather put somewhere else. 

Do you find yourself wishing your hadn’t lost the last hour to what amounts to nothing productive and quite possibly emotionally draining? Here are some tips to cure your Facebook addiction once and for all.

Delete the app

For many of us, Facebook is at our fingertips. It encourages us to fill idle time on there in microbursts. What is sold as convenience really is just another means to keep you using their service, and that keeps  their investors happy. By deleting the Facebook app, you take away that accessibility.

Take a break

Sometimes all you need to do is pull away for a few days to realize there are better ways to spend your time. Facebook is still a valuable tool in our lives, especially those of us who use it for marketing. From arranging a play date to checking out local businesses, there are so many reasons to continue to use the popular social media network.

Limit your time

You can start by timing a normal day to see just how much time you’re typically spending on Facebook. The numbers here tend to be shocking! Next, dial it back to what you consider to be an acceptable number and when you run out of time, stop. Everything in moderation.

Find something else to fill the time

A lot of people turn to Facebook because it’s an easy way to kill a few minutes of time. Those same people might then go on to complain they have no time to read. Pick up a hobby or find something you’d rather do with your spare minutes here and there and to that instead. I read a book in 3 days by swapping my time over when the twins were still up in the night!

Cold Turkey

For the most extreme cases of Facebook addiction, cold turkey might be the best method. If you’re just unable to implement these tips, or self regulate at all, delete your account entirely. True addiction usually cannot be dealt with in moderation.

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How do you manage your time on Facebook? Would you consider yourself an addict or does it not really appeal to you at all? 

Personally, I’m trying to curb my time spent on social media. It’s a challenge, but scrolling through my feed doesn’t help the isolation of parenthood any less for me.