I’m pretty sure 2016 has been the most taxing, eventful, and dramatic year of my entire life. It’s also been an amazing progression when it comes to my gender transition.

Here is everything I accomplished with my gender transition in 2016:

More importantly, though, I finally feel like I’ve found some semblance of peace and balance in my own head. My depression has improved tremendously and I feel more ready and eager to tackle whatever life will bring next. In fact, I just finished up a wonderful visit with my dad over the last couple of days and him and his wife commented on how much happier I seem. Even with all the progress I struggle with my decisions a lot and those little moments remind me why I’m doing what I am.

I have a lot of exciting things in store for 2017 that I can’t wait to share! Thank you for following along with my transition this year. It’s been a wild ride but having the support of family, friends, and even internet strangers has made everything that much more positive for me. Happy new year!