Rather than setting stereotypical resolutions and empty promises this year I’ve decided to instead set some realistic goals and changes for my life. Alongside these are some pretty big events coming up in 2017 and I’m very hopeful this will be a wonderful year.

So, for 2017, I have goals and resolutions. Some may not be completed this year, of course. The resolutions are changes I plan on making to my lifestyle to help me achieve these goals.


  1. Become financially independent of my husband. I’m really looking forward to starting work this week. In top of that, I’m also planning on going back to school in February (online, from home) to finish a degree I’ve already started.
  2. Lose 20lbs. This might be a cliché goal for people but it’s something that I really need to do for my health.
  3. Complete our basement renovation. We’ve been working at this for a couple of years now and it’s getting close to being done!
  4. Pay off our consumer debt. Going to school means taking on some more debt in the form of student loans. It’s important to me that we clear away the other debt that’s holding us back from financial freedom.
  5. Improve my French. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I don’t have any set expectations in place but my plan is to start reading some French books to improve my language skills. I might even read them to the kids.
  6. Finish decluttering my home. I’ve been working on this on and off for some time but there are still a few problem spots left to tackle.
  7. Clean the garage. We tried to get this done last summer but it’s still packed full of stuff.
  8. Complete my taxes on time. We have been struggling to catch up on our income tax paperwork and just completed 2015. 2016 will need to be done very soon and we want to make sure that happens.
  9. Get the kids on a better schedule. We’ve been slacking on home reading and studying for spelling this school year. It’s crucial that I establish these good habits now so that they’re carried throughout their schooling career.
  10. Finish my book. I’ve been working really hard at writing a novel and I’m more than half done!
  11. Earn more income. There are a lot of ways we are going to achieve this and my main one will be working very hard st the new job in order to pick up extra hours and earn a pay raise after my probation period ends.
  12. Create and follow a budget. We’ve always struggled with sticking to a budget and in the past never achieved our goals. My family is finally in the mindset to quit spending frivolously and achieve our financial goals.
  13. Get the house clean. I know this seems kind of silly to list but I’m not talking about day to day stuff here. Everything fell behind with the twins and we still haven’t caught up. Walls need washing, carpets need cleaning, and so on. I like things to be clean but have been too overwhelmed to get there.
  14. Finish up household repairs. Small things like the broken cupboard doors that need to be claimed on our warranty or the burnt out light bulbs throughout the house that have been put off for no real reason.


  1. NYEStart an exercise routine. Even if it’s not perfect or intense I need to fit working out back into my life desperately.
  2. Waste less time on social media. This is something that kind of cycles viciously with my depression and anxiety.
  3. Stay organized. With more chaotic schedules than ever before I really need to keep on top of everything. Usually I start off the year OK then fall behind as time goes on.
  4. Be a less lazy parent. This one is hard to admit and I definitely can place some blame on the the depressing year I’ve had but at the end of the day it still falls on me to make the decisions. It’s about time we got out and did more with the kids.
  5. Changing how as I handle help. I won’t be asking for much from people I know won’t give it kindly even though I help them. I know this seems counter-intuitive to what you might be reading on other websites but 2016 was the year of being let down. Of course I’m still going to need people to help me but I’m not micromanaging their time and priorities anymore. Likewise, if people don’t have time for me and my family I’m not going to make time for them. I don’t help to get in return but I’m not going to assist anyone who makes me feel like a burden for asking or is unwilling.
  6. Stop worrying about what’s going to happen in my marriage. If things work out, great, but right now I’m too emotionally challenged to see the light. I’m going to just take things as they come, focus on being safe regardless, and hope that time will help me heal.
  7. Continue to move towards a minimalistic mindset. This is really challenging when you have kids but we have so much stuff in our homes that serve no purpose. Of course I also believe that we need some decorations to make our spaces inviting and comfortable but certainly not as much as we think.
  8. See real-life people more. I tend to spend too much time online, often to my detriment. Living out in the country means the only humans I regularly interact with are my husband and children. Between work, and a volunteer position I’ve taken on, I should get a lot more socializing in but I still hope I can spend some more time with my friends this year.

It’s going to be a busy year but there’s so many ways to make it amazing!